Tan Hoa’s 5S Values:

  • 1   SAFETYFood safety is of upmost importance to us. We strive to always understand better the requirements of our customers and their country’s regulations. We are continuously working to ensure a safe and secure work environment for all our staff and visitors.
  • 2  STABILITY – We pride ourselves on our quality, and our customers rate us amongst the best in Vietnam! By continuously reviewing practices and systems on site we are able to maintain this standard – implementing strict checking procedures and using technological innovation to improve the consistency of our great produce.
  • 3 SUSTAINABILITY – We are a very environmentally friendly company and try wherever possible to better the sustainability of our industry. We recognise that food production constitutes over 50% of water consumption in industrial countries, as such we commit to recycling all water used on site and treat it for use locally in rubber tree forests and fruit farms. We also burn the discarded cashew shells to power our boilers in order to reduce waste and considerably reduce our impact on the world’s fossil fuels and wood supply. All exhaust fumes are also treated to reduce emissions. 
  • 4 SOCIETY – We are recognised by the government of Vietnam to be a company that is always giving back to the local community. We employ from the local area and support other local businesses. We believe in taking care of our families, our community and our country and last year financially supported aid efforts to the terrible floods that hit the south of Vietnam.
  • 5 STRENGTH – Our strength in the global market as both a buyer and a seller is recognised worldwide. This is helped by our site’s capacity and product quality, and our business plan aims to maintain and further strengthen our company’s position over the coming years.


Understand the health and benefits as well as the needs of cashew nut consumption therefore We have engaged in this sector. Through that, we also want to contribute to the development of Food Processing Industry as well as whole human future benefits. General nuts including cashews is leading in proteins provider, minerals and essential amino acids. Due to external hard shell it’s hardly affected by artificial factors, chemical pesticides and natural development. Tan Hoa is one of the self biggest processing in Vietnam. We have heavily invested a closed production from beginning to finish, and ensure that enough quantity ship on board to customers. The Executive Management Office which is settled at the plant to assist management and the quality of hygiene and safety food is sufficient condition for the benefits of cashews. We are willing to invest heavily to ensure supply stability for our customers annually. Our mission is “TO BE PART OF CONTRIBUTING TO FUTURE VALUE CHAIN OF THE HUMAN”.

From the beginning when engaging in this industry, finding a number of manufacturing processes using more labors the Founder improved technology to reduce heavy workload and safety working but still fulfilled the work in the best way and our Company still makes one shift on one day. Beside that we have taken more care in salary policy. Currently we are one of the top enterprises with the highest salary for employees in the sector in the province of Tay Ninh. Hence, in 04/2014 Tan Hoa was voted to be The Typical Producer of Vietnam’s Cashew Industries by VINACAS.

We strongly invest in technology of Oil Bath (Boiling), one of the difficult and hard working processing technology, and heavily in environmental treatment, because we want to keep the delicious taste of cashew. It is also helping consumers loyal to products of Tan Hoa.

Besides production, profits, wages to employees, the Founder also invested in environment improvement. White smoke above the chimneys are the results over a long time striving. We also want to contribute and respond partly because of developing TOMORROW& GREEN EARTH. Tan Hoa was rated as The Typical Environment Plant by the Department of Environmental Science and Technology of Tay Ninh province, Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment in accomplishing The Waste Water Treatment System in Biotechnology and Boiler Exhaust Treatment System. Through production for exports, we also want to contribute to The Province’s economic development through production and business efficiency, together helping disadvantaged communities and bring significant source of foreign exchange for the country.

  • Main export markets: USA, Europe, SE Asia, China

Awards and Prizes

  • 2009: Gold award and Merit for excellent Entreuprenuer and Exported Enterprise by Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • 2010: Merit for Excellent Entrepreneur and Enterprise by the Provincal People’s Committees
  • 2012: Merit of Excellent Entrepreneur and Enterprise for best economic improvement by the Vietnam Veterans
  • 2009, 2010, (2012-2013) Prestigious Exporter by Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • Merit and gold award for the program of “Vietnam Innovated Enterprise” year 2014.
  • The Only Typical Enterprise of Vietnam cashew industry voted by VINACAS.
  • Merit of «50 Products of Environment Friendly for TanHoa export cashew nuts» by Ministry Natural Resources and Environment
  • Recognized 50 brand name of Environment Friendly
  • Merit of “Best Accomplishment of tax responsibility and social welfare in Tayninh province” 2016 by Chaiman of the Provincal People’s Committees
  • Glory Entrepreneur of the Ho Chi Minh era year 2014
  • Merit of Typical Entrepreneur and Enterprise Anually by the Provincal People’s Committees
  • Merit of Best Entrepreneur for Excellent economic improvement, poverty reduction, exemplary veteran by Veterans of the Province and Veterans of Vietnam
  • Best Accomplishments in contributing to «Kindness House» program in Go Dau area, belong to Tayninh province year 2015 by chairman of the Provincal People’s Committees
  • Ministry Natural Resources and Environment certify «the Emission treatment system of TanHoa has achieved the National Technical Regulations on Industrial emissions for dust and inorganic substances – QCVN 19: 2009 / BTNMT, column B, Kp = 0.9 Kv = 1.0 and the National Technical Regulations on industrial emissions of organic substances – QCVN 20: 2009 / BTNMT (2016)
  • Merit of “Best Achievements of Environment Conservation in The Province year 2011-2015” by chairman of the Provincal People’s Committees (2016)

Production and Exports

‘GO GREAT GLOBE! We produce. Not only nice cashews but also green environment’


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